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Financial Planning and Feasibilities

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Financial Planning and Feasibilities ​

The key to a successful financial future, as with many things in life, is planning. Aligning your needs, your values and your goals with your finances, can give you peace of mind that you’re on track to achieve your goals and achieve financial independence.

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Setting Financial Objectives

A financial plan starts by knowing where you are now – an inventory of current financial assets and liabilities – and where you want to be in the future. How much do you need to set aside for the major purchases and events in your family’s life, including your dreams for retirement? How do you finance your vision for your future? A financial plan helps you find the answers.

Financial Management

This is much more than balancing a cheque book every month. It’s a cash management program to deal with debt reduction as well as prioritizing and managing your income and expenses.


Protecting yourself from the unexpected plays a crucial role in a complete financial plan. Your Raymond James advisor will help you consider other ways to plan for your financial future, including a wide array of insurance solutions that offer an additional layer of protection for you, your family or your business. From life insurance to long-term care, we help make sure you are prepared for life’s unknowns.

Investment Planning

Your investment strategies will change over the course of your life, reflecting a shift in asset allocation and investment diversity according to your changing financial needs and risk tolerance as well as the inevitable changes in the market, government tax laws and economic conditions.

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning involves knowing how to save, invest and spend while minimizing your tax burden. It begins for many with individual RRSPs and TFSAs and RESPs for their children. Down the road, more complex tax strategies come into play as estate planning objectives dominate your financial plan.

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