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Accounting managers and professionals including training ​

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Accounting managers and professionals including training ​

Thinking of growing your small business and are uncertain how to go about it? Our virtual CFO services have your ends covered. Traditionally, small businesses and CFOs have been like chalk and cheese.

Annual or periodic accounts for Tax purposes or financing purposes ​

The heart and soul of every business, bookkeeping can be a pain for all businesses. However, putting technology to good use, we have your back.

Financial planning ​

Setting up a business can be laborious but choosing the wrong model can be worse. At Khatah, we will listen to you, discuss your business plan and find the best suited model for your business.

Management accounts and forecasting

Corporate compliance is an integral part of your business’s operations. In simply terms, it implies adherence to all the laws and regulations that apply to your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits of outsourcing accounting:

Lower cost. Hiring a resource in-house, training them and buying an accounting software will cost you much more than outsourcing it to an accounting firm that has a team of CA qualified individuals and updated accounting software.
Lower risk. You are at low risk of losing your data. Imagine hiring a resource, training them and after a few months they leave. Outsourcing accounting will keep your data safe and get your work going without any hurdles in between.‍
Quality of work. Our team of Chartered Accountants is well trained for bookkeeping and other accounting services. They do it on a daily basis and hence the quality of work is better.
Save time. Outsourcing will save you time and give you peace of mind because your work is being handled by professionals. So you can do what you do best.

Tax preparation outsourcing can have a number of benefits for you. Some of them are as follow:
  • The tax is being handled by the professionals. This assures no information is missing out
  • Tax professionals have hands on experience with tax filing portal and they can do the work quickly and you can save time
  • Use your time to focus on business core and let the professionals handle the work
  • You can avoid burning out your staff from late sittings
  • Pay accurate tax and claim accurate deductions
  • You can save money by outsourcing tax services. Having an internal accounts department will cost you more
Yes you can. However, we strongly recommend that you hire a professional to register your business because they are not very costly plus you unlock some amazing benefits.
  • Hiring a professional will clear your view of business modeling. They register businesses on a daily basis and hence can suggest the right model suitable for your business
  • This can save you time as professionals are well trained
  • Avoid having any fines by missing out any information

Corporate compliance is an important part of a business’s operations. It is adherence to the all the laws and regulations that apply to the business such as when expanding or closing a business, changing company’s name or address, updating any change in shareholding or auditors, filing annual reports and withholding tax on salaries and invoices.

CFO Advisory services are the services of a Chief Financial Officer. The services include modelling and budgeting of financial system and improving internal controls. CFO services uses a diagnostic review method. This method identifies key accounting financial, operating and marketing indicators to improve a firms’ profit and cash flow. 

When an area is selected for Audit, we perform the following to achieve the best outcome:

1. Audit Planning
An Auditor from Accountaxpert will review the files of any prior audit performed and look at the highlighted areas. Review policies and internal controls and based on that, a list of steps will be made on how an audit process will be performed.

2. Meeting
A meeting between the manager(s) of the area being audited and the internal auditor(s). In the meeting we explain what we expect to happen in the audit and give you the opportunity to share any concerns you may have. For example, if you would like us to review a particular process or procedure in your unit, let us know at this meeting and we will try to include it in our audit.

3. Fieldwork
During this process we will likely interview employees in the department to inquire about their duties. We may flowchart the processes being reviewed to better understand and evaluate them. Also, we will perform tests of departmental documents, e.g., payroll and equipment records, to determine the adequacy of the internal controls, or safeguards, in place and compliance with applicable policies. Some of this work will be performed in our office and some in the unit being audited.

4. Report writing
The auditor in charge will write a report stating what we did, what we found, and any recommendations for improvement. When we have completed a draft of the report, we will send a copy to the department head for his or her review. At this point we will ask for management’s written response to the recommendations, which will be included in the report.

5. Follow-up
Often we will follow up to determine whether the recommendations have been implemented. If they have not been implemented, we will restate in writing the reason(s) for and importance of addressing our recommendation(s).

When we receive the data we start organizing it such as removing any duplicates and any repetition. Once we organize it, we start our final stage of analyzing the data. That is visual representation of your data which you can use for decision making purposes.

Yes. You can open a company in the USA from Pakistan or any part of the world

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From early discussion to final work, it has been an amazing experience.If you’re looking for your solutions to your business problems get in touch with this team, they are highly professional and their attention to detail is great.
We have been taking bookkeeping and compliance services from Khatah since January 2021. We are amused by their hardworking team, they are patient and very knowledgeable. We at Developers Studio are looking forward to working with them more. These guys are a gem for sure!

Rashid Fiaz

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